Technical Documentation

Below you have access to a large number of technical documentation necessary to read and understand the technical aspect of the products.

Please select the language below and read the documentation before installing an AQUA4D system.

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Electrical grounding

The controller must be locally grounded according to AQUA4D’s specifications.

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Make sure the Treatment Units (TU) and the treated water are not exposed to electromagnetic fields generated by transformers, pumps, power cables along the pipes, etc…

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Organic and mineral deposits present will be detached from the pipes. Hence intense flushing needs to be implemented during the first month after installation to avoid clogging in drippers/sprinklers.

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Soil moisture monitoring

AQUA4D treated water increases water retention in the soil. Therefore, moisture must be monitored closely and irrigation scheduling adapted accordingly.

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Grounding the water

To ensure maximum efficiency, it is important to ground the water to prevent the spread of stray currents.

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